Staying current with the WordPress world

One of the challenges in working with WordPress is simply keeping up with the software, the themes, the plugins, the companies and the community. In other industries, there are certification or licensing processes that determine whether you’re staying current; in WordPress work, you have to display your knowledge and skills every day, and you have to acquire them yourself.

One tool I can highly recommend is’s WordPress email newsletter, The WhiP.

As they describe it:

The most read WordPress resource on the web with more than 4,000 articles in our archives on every topic imaginable.

I subscribe to almost nothing else by email, and I read every single one. Sometimes a few build up in my inbox, but I always catch up and scroll through each one, opening links in separate tabs to check out.

Reading it the day it’s released is actually a good idea if possible, since they sometimes print time-sensitive offers or announcements of events.

And if you find you want to ask a question or comment, you’ll get a nice, friendly human response.

WPMU-Dev also offers a subscription service which provides WordPress support as well as access to a bunch of themes and plugins, definitely worth checking out.

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