About Us

I’m Patty J. Ayers, owner of AyersVirtual.com. I live and work in Paonia, Colorado, and I’ve been producing websites professionally for over 17 years.

Patty J. Ayers

Several years ago I decided to specialize in producing WordPress websites for small-business clients. I had been making websites for clients for over ten years, and knew that what I really wanted to do was work with WordPress. At the time of this writing, WordPress is arguably the very best online publishing platform available, and it’s free. And clients have heard about WordPress and are looking for developers who can make them a WordPress site.

I’m of the belief – supported by a lot of thinkers on success in small business – that serving a niche will bring in more business, not less. Rather than advertising “I’ll make any kind of website! No job too large or too small”, I decided to focus on what I really like doing and do best: building excellent-quality websites for people in business at affordable rates. And at this time in Web history, that means WordPress, at least in my opinion.

So I set about creating marketing materials to announce this particular emphasis, and the jobs started to come in. After 2 years, I now have a little stable of WordPress clients and their websites. I provide maintenance and support, making sure that WordPress works well for them and is up-to-date and secure All of the sites have the same basic needs, which makes it a lot easier to support them all.

Using WordPress and carefully-chosen 3rd-party themes, I can produce a good-looking, perfectly-functioning website for a reasonable amount of work, allowing me to charge affordable prices, which I find to be essential in these times.

I feel confident about the quality of the code behind my sites, and of my ability to respond to client requests for changes and special features, to recover from any problems, and to keep a site up-to-date and working great for years. All of this confidence translates very naturally into a sales pitch when it comes time to convince a client to work with me, because I genuinely believe in the quality of the product.

Over these couple of years, I’ve developed an orderly system of going from sales to proposal to contract to development to launch to maintenance, including a little set of documents and forms I’ve developed specifically for my WordPress-based business. WordPress Freelancer Forms are derived directly from the documents I developed for my own practical use.