Training Clients to Use the WordPress Dashboard

By Patty J. Ayers

wp_dashboardAlmost all of my WordPress website clients need at least some guidance and training in using the WordPress Dashboard to manage the content on their new website. Typically, I offer a one-hour phone session during which I walk the client through each step in creating and editing posts and pages.

I know that there are complete guides to WordPress and sets of instructional videos which can be bought or leased and then provided to clients. But I don’t use those, simply because I think what my clients actually need and deserve is personal attention in this.

I sometimes write up a sort of quick-start sheet for clients to refer to — but again, most of my clients won’t read it.

I’m also learning to make short screencast videos using Camtasia by TechSmith. (SnagIt by TechSmith, less expensive, also allows you to make screencast videos.) I’m not sure this will ever be a mainstay of my client training strategy, but sometimes I like to create a quick video for a certain client on a specific task.

However, the reality is that most clients will need some personal help and support in using the WordPress Admin, especially in the beginning — or when they don’t use it for a full year and then suddenly need to! This is one reason I require a Maintenance Agreement which allows for me to provide that kind of support as needed, and be compensated for my work.