Empty Cache Button for Firefox

I have been sticking with Firefox as my main browser for some time now, mostly because of just a few add-ons that make a big difference to me as a web developer. First and foremost is Firebug. Yes, it’s available for other browsers, but only in a form which is nowhere near as good. Another is View Source Chart.

So I wanted to mention another one I’ve found that I really like and use all the time. It’s called Empty Cache Button. It puts a neat little button in the toolbar which does the same thing as digging through Firefox’s strangely not obvious or convenient menu item for clearing the browser cache. With Empty Cache Button, I can clear the cache in one quick click. What can I say – it’s just really handy.

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One comment on “Empty Cache Button for Firefox
  1. Patty J. Ayers says:

    Isn’t it great? I bet I use it 50 times in an average day. You’re most welcome.

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