I’ve just finished updating the Forms!

imagesI’ve just finished updating the Forms! It’s exciting to me, because this was a bit overdue, and I gave the whole website a bit of a makeover too. So I’m feeling good about WP Freelancer Forms all around. Some of the changes to the Forms:

  • Took out the “A” and “B” development server setups, and just kept the one setup that is common, at least for me. The other was the .htaccess-based one, where WordPress files are placed in a sub-directory. If someone misses it terribly, I’d be glad to forward those instructions.
  • Made additions and clarifications to both the main WP Website Production Contract and especially to the WP Website Hourly Contract. I’ve learned a lot about working hourly on websites I didn’t build and where I don’t manage the hosting, and I’ve written that into the contract I now use in that situation. What I think of as the “main contract”, the one for producing a complete WordPress website for someone, also now has more WordPress-specific clauses to protect the web developer and the client.
  • Re-did the “Website Info Sheet Template” to match the better-developed one I now use. Added some more instructions at the top of that template. I’m hoping people “get” why this is such a good way to stay organized: it doesn’t take any special software or cost anything, but gives you a way to keep notes on each website you build. I swear by this system; it’s exactly what I do.
  • Took out the “Finding an Image via Creative Commons Search” client-handout. When I wrote it, I didn’t realize that when we use most images found in these searches, we’re usually supposed to provide some attribution and copyright information. It’s still free, but that information is supposed to be on your site too. I didn’t explain this in the handout, so needed to pull that from the set until I can re-write it.

That’s about it. Anybody who has bought this product already is welcome to a copy of the updated set – please send me a message asking, and if you can, provide proof of purchase.

For what it’s worth, I use almost all of these forms myself. When I finished editing them for this set, I put my own logo on them and save them to use in my own web dev business. I’ll write about the one form that I’m not currently using in another post. You may be surprised at the answer! Haha, no, you probably won’t be all that surprised. Everybody works a little differently, and even I don’t stay with some of my own systems forever. So I’ll explain about that next time, and maybe add the form that I now do use to the set.

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