Question about your Order?

The solution to your problem really might be below, so please have a quick look. If you still need help, please contact us by email. We will almost always respond to an email message the same day.

Something funny happened while I was making the purchase, and I’m not sure if my order went through.

Please contact us by email and explain what happened. We’ll get it straight.

I didn’t get the download email.

If your payment went through, an email with a download link was automatically sent out to the email address you used. If you didn’t receive that email right away, it may be that your spam filtering system has blocked it. There are too many types of spam filtering systems for me to give specific instructions, but the normal procedure would be to (1) look in the folder of emails which your spam program has decided are spam to see if the email from “patty [at] ayersvirtual [dot] com” is there, and/or (2) contact the person who administers your spam filtering program and ask them to retrieve the email for you. If neither of these work, please contact us by email and explain what happened, and we’ll send you the product by email.

I received the download email, but am having trouble downloading the file.

If you received the download email and can see and click on the link for downloading the file, but cannot download the file, it is almost certain that something in your local system is preventing you from downloading the file. Most likely, this is a firewall of some type.

If this firewall is a program running on your local computer, such as the firewall programs made by Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc., the simplest solution is probably to temporarily turn off or disable the firewall. You should then be able to click on and download the file without any problems, after which you should re-start the firewall program. If it is a firewall managed by a network administrator, you will need to contact that person. Another option would be to download the file on another computer where you control the firewall. It is a small zip file which can easily be transferred from one computer to another once you have it, by email attachment, CD, or whatever other method you have for transferring small files.

Rarely, a problem downloading could be caused by a problem with our server. If that is the case, waiting a few minutes and trying again may give you a successful download.

I’ve downloaded the file, but I can’t open it.

The file is an ordinary zip file. These files are very simple to open on any modern Windows or Macintosh computer. On Windows Vista and later, and Mac OS 10.3 and later, you can simply double-click the zip file to open it, and then open, move or copy the Word files inside.

I’ve downloaded and opened the file, but I don’t have a word processor that can open Microsoft Word files.

If you don’t have a word processor that can open Microsoft Word files, I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to use this product. If you let me know within 7 days, I will refund the purchase price.